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St John Leonardi Catholic Church, Amakohia Owerri, Imo State, which is a special jurisdiction in Owerri Archdiocese, conducted a five-day crusade, under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Stephen Oduh, to commemorate the Easter Octave. The crusade which lasted from Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th April, 2019 was a power packed one, where also, great ministers were also invited to minister at the crusade


However, the founder and leader of Mirror of Liberty Ministry as well as BRINMI, Evang. Innocent Nwawuike, was invited to minister on Saturday the 27th day of April 2019, which was the fourth day of the crusade. He honoured the invitation and the power of God was let loose on that very day which was highly remarkable in the lives of the people that came for the crusade. The crusade started by 6pm that evening with a Holy mass and Adoration led by Rev. Fr. Stephen Oduh, after which the guest minister Evang. Innocent Nwawuike mounted the pulpit and began his ministration.


He firstly started by charging and taking dominion of the environment and atmosphere both spiritually and physically by praise songs, worship, warfare, prophetic declarations and words of knowledge. His message for the day was drawn from Mathew 28:2 and titled; “The Ancient stone has been rolled away and shattered”. The bible passage says; “And behold, there was a great earthquake, for an Angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door and sat on it”(NKJV). He basically emphasized on the revelation of the word; “Behold” as the passage has it. He revealed that when God says “Behold, it simply means that we should look up and see. The women in the passage looked and saw that the stone of the tomb has been rolled away. He went further to emphasize that people should equally look up and see that the things that functions as stones in their lives have been removed and shattered. He also explained that the stone represents evil coverings, hindrances and evil forces that prevent people’s miracles, breakthroughs and testimonies from showing forth in their lives. The great Evangelist went ahead to throw up a question which kept many people dumbfounded. The question was whether Jesus Christ needed the stone to be rolled away before He comes out of the grave? He said that the answer is NO! Because Jesus had become a spirit and could have walked through the stone without the stone being rolled away, it was rolled away for people to confirm that truly He had risen.


Moreover, He went further to reveal that the stone that was rolled away opened the door for our own new life to begin. He also brought to light that the stone over Jesus’ tomb had a seal on it from Pilate the governor and requires no lower ranking person to open it. That was why an Angel had to do that. He also reminded the crowd that the tomb was equally guarded by soldiers to monitor it, but when the Angel came, they fell like dead men and the Angel rolled away the stone. Thus he said that those soldiers represent demonic forces that monitor people’s blessings and fight them from getting to them.


At the end of the message, people’s spirits were already opened for prayers which finally happened. The man of God led the people through some hot prayers and equally ministered onto them and the power of God moved mightily and tangibly which led to so many manifestations among the people. There were healings, deliverances, breakthroughs, miracles, words of knowledge and wisdom onto the people which resulted to so many testimonies in the lives of the people. I will not forget to share one of the testimonies that happened instantly as the man of God declared it. It happened that when the man of God left the crusade ground after the ministration, he received a phone call from one of his sons in the Lord who shared the instant testimony of a young lady whose one of her brothers has been missing for years and had given her family a great concern and burden, but as the man of God got the word of knowledge about the case and declared prophetically that anyone whose brother was missing because someone with a negative spiritual authority used it against him, that the power of God was releasing such a person. So the lady said that immediately after the declaration, her phone started ringing but because she was still praying, she couldn’t answer the call, but after she checked her phone and realized that it was her father that was calling her. When she called back, the father told her that her missing brother just called them on phone and she couldn’t withstand the information. It was unbelievable! Wasn’t it? Thanks and God bless you all.


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