2018 Feast of Tabernacles

2018 Feast of Tabernacles

Event Description


The windows of Heaven open up to man in two ways; by the operation of the Christian’s faith and at God’s appointed time of encounter. There are three yearly appointed times of encounter. The feast of Tabernacles is the feast of the seventh month in the Jewish calendar according to the command of God in Exodus 12:1 and Exodus 23:14-17. 


The word feast in Hebrew is chagag which means joyous celebration. There are three feasts God commanded the Jews to observe; the feast of Unleavened Bread which is also Passover, the Feast of Harvest or First fruits which is also Pentecost and the Feast of Booths or Ingathering which is also the feast of Tabernacles. The feasts are a statute to be observed forever. The number seven stands for perfection. In the month of perfection, God appointed a time of open heavens; the last time of open heavens for the year. The Presence of God is always tangible during the time of His appointed feasts. The vision bearer of the ministry has been given the revelation behind the feasts and in obedience to God’s command, the ministry observes these feasts annually.