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Evang. Innocent Nwawuike

  • Founder,
  • Mirror of Liberty Ministry

Evang. Innocent Nwawuike grew up in a strict Catholic Home. His upbringing was largely due to his mother’s influence; she is a dedicated member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria. He got born again in 1997. In 1998, he had an unusual visitation. The Lord walked into his room and he instantly received the baptism of God’s love and of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. He reached out to youths for Christ and brought many of them to the Lord Jesus. In 2000, the Lord commanded him to visit the sick, prisoners, poor etc through His word in Matt.25:35. As he obeyed, the grace of God manifested in healing and miraculous recovery of people he prayed for. Many people reconciled with God through his message. In 2001, while in the university of Imo State, Nigeria, he joined the Catholic charismatic renewal which he later served as the coordinator. Revival broke out through the grace of God on his life, miraculous healing and deliverances happened, many students came to Christ as he witnessed to them. In 2004, after graduating with B.Sc in Psychology, Evang. Innocent entered into full time ministry. In 2005, he planted charismatic youth fellowships in 5 different colleges.


He also served as the Associate Minister of Grace Global Outreach in Akwa Ibom State that has brought revivals to much more than five thousand people. while on the one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps programme, he served as the President of Catholic Corp Members and there was revival in the state chapter of the National Catholic Corps.


Today, God continues to use him to bring deliverances to communities, destroying community shrines and idols. He is happily married to Sis. Emmanuela Nwawuike. They are blessed with four daughters and a son.


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