On the third day of the feast of tabernacles been Tuesday the 25th of September, 2018, the man of God prayed about favour and declared that the Lord will visit us. On that very day God visited me. In my dreams I was hearing the chanting of favour! Favour!! Favour!!! This continued until some minutes past 5am when I woke up, I looked at my phone and saw a text message from my HOD telling me that he would want to see me, that there was an issue with one of my results and that it can keep me from been mobilized for NYSC. I said God forbid and kept declaring that it was my time of favour and that I must see it happen. I called him and told him to fix the result but he said no that I should report to his office immediately. As God allowed it, I first of all attended the morning session of the feast of tabernacles that day to receive some grace after which I set out for his office. On my way to his office he started calling me on phone asking me where I was which a surprise to me was because my HOD can never reply your text message how much more calling someone on phone. I reached his office and saw that my file was already on his table. He said that he called me to show me the result and explained to me that it cannot be fixed. I paused and said to God “you brought me here and I know you will glorify your holy name”. The HOD saw the scapula on my neck and asked me whether I am a christian and I said yes, he asked me whether I am a born again and I said yes, and he asked me since when and I answered since I was nine years, he asked me which fellowship I belong in the school and I answered the charismatic, he asked me whether I have stood on my faith since that nine years and I said yes sir, he asked me whether I believe in God and I said yes sir, he said I should go and pray to my God to do something. I told him that my favour has started this morning and that I am not leaving his office until he gives me an assurance. He said that he could see that I really believe in this my God but that I should go and pray more. I told him that I have prayed and expected the manifestation right there in his office. He actually told me that he wanted to hand over to the new HOD and that was why he called me to know what to do. After all said and done, he assured me that he would help me and to God be the glory he did as he said. I greatly thank God for this favour for it can only be God. I thank God for the feast of tabernacles for it is indeed the period of open heavens when miracles and favour locate the Children of God effortlessly. Praise God

05 November, 2018