Miraculous Healing from a severe stomach ache

Miraculous Healing from a severe stomach ache

I went to Church this morning and after the sermon I started feeling pains by the right side of my stomach which made me become very uncomfortable in the course of the service. Afterwards, I came back to my hostel and forced myself to use the convenience but all to no avail. It was as if I was giving up and I told my hostel mate what I was passing through, he advised me to go back and try again which I did yet there was no breakthrough. What troubled my heart so much was the possibility that I may be missing today’s programme but I prayed and gained some strength and therefore made up my mind that I must attend the programme. At the end of the programme, I vomited something that was so strange to me, I couldn’t describe what it was even when I showed it to my hostel mate, he too couldn’t make out a meaning from it. So he advised me to throw it away which I did. As I was coming for this programme, I was still vomiting along the way, in fact the bus conveying us had to stop severally for me to go down and vomit. Nevertheless, I didn’t give up. I kept praying God for healing and guess what; immediately my feet stepped into this premises, the stomach ache disappeared and the vomiting stopped. God actually dwells in this place. I thank God for this programme designed to touch people’s lives. I thank God for healing me. I give God all the praise for His son, Daddy Innocent Nwawuike who He uses mightily in blessing the lives of men. I wish more anointing to him, Amen.

29 October, 2018