Miraculous provision after attending the feast of tabernacles

Miraculous provision after attending the feast of tabernacles

On the 26th of September, 2018 been the 4th day of the feast of tabernacles, I got a message from the Lord and in that message He said to me “because you have always sang glorious songs to me, I am going to bless all your offspring, they are going to be good musicians.” This is because I always sing songs to the Lord in and out of season.

          Secondly, the man of God, Daddy Innocent Nwawuike shared a testimony of how God provided food for them when he was the Divine Love Co-coordinator at Imo State University, Owerri. In that testimony, he said that one day he was with some brethren in the Lord and they desired to eat rice and chicken. They simply told God about it and believed God and it happened that few minutes later someone called one of them to come to somewhere and collect something, when the lady reached there, lo and behold, it was exactly the rice and chicken they prayed for that the person gave to the lady. They all ate and were satisfied. His testimony became a challenge to me. So it happened that on the 29th of September, 2018, I didn’t have any food to eat at home. I had no money either. So after playing football that day, I went to my room and worshipped God after which I told God that I needed something to eat. God granted it, someone called on phone and asked me whether I had anything to eat and I said no. He told me to come and carry food. I went and to God be the glory, it was a sumptuous meal which was more than enough that I even enjoyed with my roommates. I thank God for that insight from the man of God. It really taught me that God can attend to all things. Nothing is too big or too little for Him. Praise God.

05 November, 2018