It happened that my first son got admission into a Federal Government College this year and before he left to school, I brought him to this place Mirror of Liberty Ministry to be prayed for before he travels. So on that day, while our Daddy and the Ministers were praying for him, they gave me a prophetic word that my son will emerge the overall best student in the first term among all his mates. So when my son finished his exams and the results were out, he called me on phone and told me that he emerged the overall best student in the entire JSS1 class put together and I was highly overwhelmed by joy because it happened exactly the way the prophecy was given to me. I thank God for that Excellent Spirit of Daniel which my son had contacted through that prayer.


Secondly, I had a personal favour from God that I cannot explain but to thank God for everything. I am a consultant in Hotel Management but for some time now things have not been really very nice as they should but I’ve kept looking onto God and believing Him for a lucrative contract. Whenever I came for prayers here, I used to table it before God and the Ministers had always prophesied to me that God will surprise me. So it happened that a former colleague of mine when I was with a bank called me on phone one night and told me that he would want to see me to discuss something with me. He owns many eateries and restaurants as God has blessed him. So on reaching to his place, he told me that he had leased a building to be reconstructed to a hotel and that he would want me to manage the hotel but on partnership basis, not as a boss and servant. He went further to say that I should not contribute any penny towards the project but I will always have 15% of any profit we make. I was dump-founded. I couldn’t believe it. He also told me that once the hotel is set up, that he will equally hand me over another lounge that he owns for me to manage too. As I am talking to you now the construction is ongoing at the site and I oversee it.


This is a very powerful favour that God has shown me. I thank God for connecting me to this Ministry and to our Daddy, Innocent Nwawuike whom the Lord has used to favour my life on several occasions. Long live Mirror of Liberty Ministry, long live BRINMI, long live Evang Innocent Nwawuike and his Ministers.

22 March, 2019